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Aug 31, 2001 09:54 AM


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Went to the Independent in Union Sq. Wed. nite, another Irish oriented kinda place. Pleasant room with windows open onto the street, nice waiter, good bread. My meal was a little disappointing tho. Should have gone with my first choice, fish & chips or a burger. Went slightly more upscale cuz their menu was very interesting, salmon w/ leeks and a potato cake and supposedly a sweet mustard sauce ($15). It was sitting in a pool of grease/oil. Should have said something, but the food didn't taste bad and I didn't get grossed out by it til after, and when the woman next to us ordered it, I couldn't even look at it. My friend really enjoyed her steak, rabe, mashed potatos ($19) and Guiness ($4). We were reminded of a recent trip to Olives tho cuz that was pretty oily too. Got peach cobbler ($5) to cheer myself up but the peaches were soaked in some liquor I assume and there wasn't much cobbler, so that didn't do the trick. I wouldn't not recommend it, but I sure didn't get the right thing.

Took a friend to Icarus in the South End which I hadn't been to in 10 years or so, such a pleasant room. They'd asked if it was a special occasion when I made reservations and gave us menus that said "Happy Birthday Peter" on them which was a nice touch. VERY (too?) leisurely pace so be prepared to sit back and relax. Split a prosciutto/caramelized onion pizza ($10) which was great. Both the duck w/ potato gallette ($29) and chicken w/ fingerling potato salad ($25?) were very good then split the chocolate cake w/ vanilla ice cream which had to be ordered w/ the meal ($16 for two). We each had a glass of wine and it came to $99 before tax & tip. Great waiter and tasty food, no complaints.

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  1. I don't eat at Icarus very often but I do like the restaurant. Afew years ago, I took a 1 session class at the Boston Center for Adult Education..put on by Chris Douglas..owner of Icarus...it was a "cooking lesson"..meal included..lot of fun and I'd recommend it.

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      One summer, more than 20 years ago, we went to Icarus with our kids, then 5 and 7, early on a Saturday night.
      I cannot praise sufficiently the warm welcome.
      All I remember of the meal was the chocolatey
      cake my wife had. She appreciates chocolate and pronoubced it wonderful. She still speaks of it.
      We are ,alas, in the 'burbs
      and never get to the South End.
      Would gladly revisit this great resto.