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Aug 29, 2001 06:51 PM

nadeau's holes in the wall

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I emailed the Boston Phoenix critic Robert Nadeau and asked for his top 5 holes in the wall to eat. he said it was hard to do that but gave me places anyway (in no particular order):
1. El Oriental de Cuba
2.Sagla (anyone heard of it?)
3.the chinatown eatery (on beech st.)
4. el cafetal
5. charlie's sandwich shoppe

take it easy,

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  1. I had never heard of Sagla so I called 411, got the number and called them. The woman says they serve East African food, "similar to Etheopian". They are at 3381 Washington St in JP. FYI.

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    1. re: Win (Boston)

      Certainly have to agree with Nadeau on Sagla; it's a small restaurant on the edges of JP (not far from Doyle's Pub) that's short on atmosphere but long on heart and good food. The food is similar to Etheopian--maybe a slight more emphasis on fish, maybe a slight less spicy--that's run by a cooperative of Eretrian women.

      1. re: Seth Ditchik

        The Eatery in Chinatown is where i had my first date with my now husband - I was (obviously) impressed with his chowhounding skills! I went there often during law school for lunch - there are several different stands in what is essentially a food court with tables in the middle and you can order what you like from each vendor. The quality of food is high; however, I did see a rodent on the floor behind a vendor's counter on one occasion (didn't stop me from returning!).

        1. re: Kitty

          Where is the Chinatown Eatery? Is is the same on that's listed in the earlier post on Beech St.? I'm in Boston next week again, and if it's in Chinatown I'm good to go!

          1. re: toto

            The Chinatown Eatery is on the second floor in a building on the corner of Beach and Harrison. There are 5 food stalls: Cantonese seafood/congee, Thai, generic chinese, malaysian (I think--it replaced another generic chinese place that was closed down for health code violations), and a drink stand. None of the places are outstanding, but it is a place for a quick, cheap bite, and open late. I normally send people to Hong Kong Eatery just across the street and 50 feet down Harrison, or to People's Cafeteria on Kingston St (?) for better cheap fare.

            1. re: Eric Eto

              People's Cafeteria is actually on Edinborough St and is also one of my favorite holes in the wall. I think they may have changed hands, as I have seen unfamiliar faces in there recently.Hong Kong eatery is also excellent. I was never impressed with the Chinatown Eatery. I think it's novelty is better than the food and prices.

              There is a new hole in the wall where the original Chau Chow was on Beach St. I believe it's called Yan's Best Place. They've done it all over and it is clean and bright. The wait staff is eager to help, suggest and explain, which is sometimes difficult to find in Chinatown. The food is fresh and good and inexpensive. They have a full menu, but my wife and I usually get rice plates. Give them a try.

    2. Yes, I have to agree with el cafetal as well. I went there with a bunch of Cuban/Columbian friends who helped me through the menu. It is very good , but very filling. The best part is the telemundo playing in the background.

      1. I have to agree with El Oriental de Cuba and Sagla - both are delicious. added pluses, there are old cuban men in large hats at oriental, you're right donw the street from a great el salvadoran burrito shop (I can't remember the name) and Tacos el Charro, which has delicious mole.

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