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Aug 29, 2001 12:14 PM

Lobster and Drinks in Boston

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Will be in Boston for Labor Day weekend. Where is the best place for lobster regardless of cost? Also, any suggestions on a place thats not to crazy to have a couple drinks after the game at fenway on friday night? Thanks in advance for the help.


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  1. Check out previous threads on the great lobster debate, but for drinks after a game(and very chowhoundlike apps..) definitely go to Audobon Circle,(sign just says "Audobon", in a circle) on Beacon street, about a block after the bridge over the MassPike..JUST far enough from Fenway that it's not overrun w/fans,but actually, quite close! Potstickers served in a Chinese take-out box!

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      reclining hound

      Sadly, no good lobbies are available in the immediate vicinity of Fenway Park, at least not the traditional New England steamed-with-butter variety. If you're willing to try a Cantonese version, you can get one plucked fresh from the tank while you wait at theSeafood Restaurant a mile up Beacon St. in Coolidge Corner. If you must do the bib 'n claw crackers thing to feel truly Bostonian and alive, then quite honestly Legal Seafood in Park Square won't steer you wrong, even though it's so right on the beaten path it comes with a Presidential seal of approval.

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        Well, if you're gonnah do Cantonese lobster in that area, you might as well go to Victoria Seafood, the same distance up Commonwealth Ave, where they're better and cheaper!!

      2. There's not too many places near Fenway that aren't crazy after a game (though I know what you mean), so I can't advise on that - I usually walk 15 minutes outside of Fenway (or take a cab).

        It's tough to do the lobster question. For a simple, New England, classic lobster (steamed with drawn butter), there's so many faves that you can check the boards. However, for other favorites, like baked stuffed - YUM - I would suggest "regardless of cost" the Oak Bar at the Fairmont Hotel. The dish is actually off the Oak Room (restaurant) menu, which is beautiful in itself but a tad stuffy. The bar
        however, is just absoutely beautiful - comfy sofas, romantic atmosphere, and a great martini menu. The lobster is always cooked perfectly and stuffed with a delicious crabmeat stuffing. For special lobster dinners, check out the seasonal specials at No. 9 Park, Grill 23, or Abe and Louie's (if they have the Lobster Savannah special). Links below.