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  1. For chicken parm subs, you have to go to Victor's Deli in Ball Square in Medford/Somerville. Never had better.

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      reclining hound

      Or, try Armando's Pizza, a venerable hole in the wall on Huron Ave. near the corner of Concord, in Cambridge.

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        I love Armando's in general, but the chicken parm isn't much to write home about; the chicken has been fried in advance and the sandwich tends to be dry.

      2. re: Eric Eto

        I second Victor's - it is definitely the best!

        1. re: Teri

          chicken parm is one of the finer things in life. definately my favorite sandwhich, if its done right !!!

      3. I've been to Victor's and a number of others in Little Italy (Medford). The best chicken parm sub hands-down is Bob's on Main Street in Medford. Fresh chicken, sesame seed bun (seeds a must), fresh provelone and great sauce. Seems so simple, but few do it well. None as good as Bob's.

        1. I really like the chicken parm subs at Rosie's on Pond Street in Braintree. Great sauce, good cuts of white meat, and the price is right. Their site:


          And yes, Bob's in Medford has excellent chicken parm, too. They have excellent everything, IMO.

          1. My far and away favorite is Vinny's at Night. It's enough for two!

            1. I have never been disappointed with the Chick Parm at Tommy Floramo's in Chelsea. A full breast of chicken, lightly seasoned and breaded, pounded thin with sauce and a side of pasta. Very inexpensive and very filling.

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                  I have to agree altough most times I order the tips the Chicken Parm is always good!

                2. Best chicken parm sub, I,ll Panino Express in the North End for $5.95.
                  Bobs in Medford is terrible, they deep fry it, curles up, very dry and the sauce does not taste fresh. Try I,ll Panino Express you won't be disapointed.

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                    I did and I was thoroughly dissapointed. I have had a few of their other subs which I thought were awesome, so I was very excited to try their chicken parm. Sadly enough, I thought the chicken breading tasted very off and the sauce had no taste to compliment the chicken. Surely enough, i will stick to their other sub offerings from now on.

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                      Bob's in Medford is the absolute best, go back and try again

                    2. I would have to say that Meridian Market in East Boston has my favorite

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                        Funny, I had dinner the other night with someone who highly praised the Meridian Mkt.

                        If you're stuck in the financial district, Viga makes a decent version.

                      2. I like the ones at Mangia Mangia. Thin cutlets, good cheese.

                        1. Il Panino Express has long been by "to go" place for chicken parm subs. I love how they make them to order, using freshly breaded/fried chicken, piling on the sauce and the cheese onto fresh baked bread, then cooking in the oven. For $6.20, with tax, you got a sub that you could definitely make into 2 meals....or at least I could.....HOWEVER.....I went yesterday and was disappointed. First of all, the price has gone up....now it's closer to $7.20 ---for the exact same sandwich...that's close to a 20% increase. Second of all...I sort of agree with BOS steve...the sauce was pretty bland and didn't add anything to the sandwich. Definitely a letdown, esp given the increase in price. Higher price + less delicious sandwich = me trying a new place...I think I'll give Mangia Mangia a go. I also remember getting them from Artu years ago, not sure if they're still good there.

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                            A side note: I've tried a few other versions --Viga, Mangia Mangia, Lamberts (on Morrissey Blvd), Comellas (which came the closest...) but I still think Il Panino leads the pack.

                          2. The chicken parm sub at Bostone Pizza is very good.

                            1. FYI, BWH having chix-parm over probably ziti w/a veggie & soft roll for lunch today. Not bad for $4.25.

                              1. Commellas has fantastic chicken parm subs, and 3 locations Newton, Wellesley and just opened a new one in West Rox.

                                When I lived in Brighton Big A Deli had these huge chicken parm subs on a nice braided roll. There was so much chicken you usually had to take some off the eat it. Last I heard they changewd ownership and went down hill but I'm not sure.

                                1. I agree, ll Panino Express in the North End has the best chicken parm sub. Although the prices have gone up, its still the best. Esp. when they burn the bread a litlte bit, I always ask them to leave it in the oven a litlte longer.

                                  1. It seems like this post took the turn towards best sandwich, which is great....but if you're looking for a dinner, and i know i sound like a broken record....you cannot beat most anything on the Rino's menu in Eastie. and the chicken parm is delish.

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                                      I prefer Dino's in the North End..great parm sandwiches among others.

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                                        I can't share the love for Dino's: their chicken parm subs are huge, but the rolls are terrible and the sauce is really dull and too sweet. I think the sandwich at Mangia Mangia around the corner is much better all around. The veal version actually tastes like veal (though I prefer the chicken).

                                        Anchovies in the South End does a worthy non-sandwich version: big, with a nice (okay, overdressed) green salad and side of pasta, in a cool old saloon atmosphere with cheap drinks.

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                                          Another thing about Dino's: if you don't specify, the chicken parm sandwich comes with grilled chicken, not fried, and it slips around in the bun. My husband refers to it as "slimy" He's the chicken parm fan, not me. He liked panino too.

                                    2. I will stick by my favorite from a previous post. Victor's Deli in Ball Square, Somerville. It is, by a mile, the best around. I would, sadly, call myslf a chicken parm sub afficianado and theirs is the best around.

                                      Bob's in Medford is also pretty good but the past couple visits I have found the parm sandwich to be dry and was unhappy with some of their other subs as well.

                                      Victor's Meat & Deli
                                      710 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02144

                                      Bob's Imported Food & Catering
                                      324 Main St, Medford, MA 02155

                                      1. are we talking subs? or entree? for a sub you have to hit joe's pizza in west medford... bob's in medford is dry. and for entree, hit dolce vita in the north end. old school gravy, think and juicy chicken, plenty of cheese and a sweet side of pasta!

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                                          Everytime I have had a Bob's Chicken Parm it has been LOADED with sauce, ask for more next time. The Meatball Sub is off the chain, the meatballs are the size of softballs. I just wish I still lived near Bob's.

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                                            I agree Bob's normally puts alot of tomato sauce on your chicken parm sub. I ask for light on the sauce because it gets too soggy and very messy. I didn't like their meatball sub. The meatballs had too much herbs and I didn't like the way they tasted. I definately would get a jumbo chicken parm sub.

                                            1. re: buffet king

                                              yes you need a pound of napkins with bob's subs i agree on the meatball subs too i no like
                                              the best chick parm w/red or white sauce is at my house

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                                            I have family who used to make the trip to West Medford for Joe's Pizza - for the pizza. I'm closer to the East Medford location - is the food comparable?

                                          3. A little north on Rte. 1 in Saugus is Donatello's. They have a great chicken parm meal for lunch-. The sauce is fresh, the portion huge and you get either pasta or a salad. I alwways bring half of it home for another meal. I think it's in the $11 or $12 range. You can also get veal parm as well.