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Aug 28, 2001 08:49 AM

Cape eating

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Can't call it dining that's for sure. My friend backed out on me at the list minute but I spent two nites in W. Yarmouth anyway and took AGM and Bruce's suggestion of going to Capt. Frosty's. Got the lobster roll plate for $10.45 which included two little clam cakes (more like balls), fries and cole slaw. The roll was grilled and the lobster was decent but needed some more salt, lemon and/or mayo. Much better fries than your normal clam shack offers. It's very casual and crowded but the food didn't take too long. Not sure it was worth the drive when it looked like there were quite a few choices along Rt. 28, but I enjoyed it. Got an ice cream down the road before turning back on Rt. 134, $1.75 which is cheap nowadays. Also took the tip of stopping at the Blueberry Muffin in Cedarville where I just grabbed an iced coffee and one of their huge homemade donuts (that put Krispy Kreme to shame). Breakfast looked good but I didn't feel like waiting. My fried clam meal was at Jerry's Seafood in W. Yarmouth on 28, open year round. The fried clam plate w/ fries and a tiny cole slaw was $10.50 which was the best price I've seen in a while. Not the hugest mound of food but it definitely was enough, nice light batter. Got ice cream at a place on Main St. in Hyannis (during their Thurs. nite summer festival series) which was $2.50. I only wish I had more time and calories to spare to hit a couple other seafood joints. I'll have to run up to Ipswich for another fix.

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  1. A few words of advice regarding Captain Frosty's:
    The lobster roll at Frosty's is, as you say, OK, but that's not really the reason to go there. Any of the fried seafood dishes should be considered, with their specialty being the fish and chips - a real bargain at $8.50. Next time you're there (if that happens), try the fish and chips or the fried clams or scallops. Better still, if you feel extravagant, try the Captain's Plate!