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Aug 28, 2001 01:12 AM


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had breakfast at Sound Bytes in Somerville the other day. it's a no bullshit kind of place with really solid food for reasonable prices. make sure to get a scone.
also, anyone have opinions about Rangoli in Allston? I'm going there tomorrow and have heard good things...any recommendations on dishes?

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  1. They are allegedly known for that huge indian crepe dish (the name escapes me right now) but I was very disappointed by that dish. I found it dry and difficult to finish. I actually preferred the more common dishes (tikka masala, etc.).

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      Chris Melella

      This is a total coincidence.
      I was reading this week's New Yorker, saw this site in an article, and being a lover of great not-well-known-places, had to check it out before I stepped out the door to dinner. Where? To Rangoli!
      Enough ranting - it's real good Indian for reasonable prices. Stuff on the menu you don't find other places.
      I love the Veggie Samosas, Chicken Tikki Masala(sp?), but am gonna be adventurous tonight

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        Rangoli is wonderful. Cheap and good food, unusual dishes. Service is good too. Much better (food) than the central square Indian restaurants that I've been to and much, much better than the one's I've been to in Waltham (both food and service).