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Aug 25, 2001 07:16 AM

Boston area Mexican food?

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We are California transplants and love Boston but are still searching for great Mexican food. We like Sol Azteca in Brookline, anyone else with good suggestions.
Thank you in advance.

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  1. Acapulcos has just opened in Sudbury. Certainly the best Cal-Mex food I have ever found in the Boston area. Went for lunch twice and dinner once. The lunch combo plate offers three choices with rice and beans for $7.95. Their regular menu has all the standard fair plus some unusual (egg dishes). The wait staff is almost all Mexican and very friendly. There off to a good start so plan to wait if you go at busy times.

    694 Boston Post Road
    Sudbury MA.
    978 443-3970


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    1. re: Paul

      For authentic Mexican food, try Casa Romero on Glocester Street in Boston (right off Newbury).

      1. re: Penny

        I second the suggestion of Casa Romero. More authentic Mexican than you're likely to find around these parts.

        1. re: Dan

          Forest Cafe between Harvard Square and Porter Square is wonderful. Excellent food, live music on Fridays & Saturdays, and wonderful, margaritas. They do a lot of various fish dishes, as well

      2. re: Paul

        I've heard good things about this latest incarnation at 694 Boston Post Rd. I'm glad to hear that it's good Cal/Mex (not too much of it around here!). I had my suspicions as this location has been home to at least four different restaurants in the past few years, but I'm looking forward to trying it! Any particularly tasty dishes you recommend???

        1. re: Kitty

          I had the 3 way combo plate twice. Both times were very good. Enchilada,taco,chili relleno,tamale,rice,re-fries and great sour cream. For dinner I had the Pork Carnitas. The pork could have been more tender but the flavor was fine. Post back after you try it and let us know what you think.


      3. Try going to a few Mexican places in the Mexican neighborhoods in the boston area. That would be East Boston, East Somerville, Chelsea, not sure of others. Most of the mexican places are more Salvadoran than mexican proper, but you can get the best of both cuisines with good tacos and pupusas. In East Boston, try Taqueria Cancun and its sibling Rosticeria Cancun in Maverick Square. In East Somerville, try Taqueria Tapatio (they also have a sibling restaurant in Union Square). I also like Tacos Lupita on Elm Street near Somerville Ave near Porter Square.

        Consider yourselves lucky. Just a few years ago, there was no Mexican food in Boston. It was a lonely time for this California transplant as well.


        1. Absolutely absolutely Tu Y Yo, on Powderhouse Sq. in Somerville. The chef owned a few restaurants in Mexico City before moving to the Boston area, and the dishes are regional interpretations culled from family recipies.

          1. This is a great place at the corner of Somerville and Elm in Somerville. Not far from Porter Square.
            Try the Huaraches they are really great. Tacos are have outstanding corn tortillas as well.