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What are you cooking today?


scott glaser Aug 24, 2001 12:17 PM

I'm confused. after perusing the message board I really don't feel like there is much passion about the seafood restaurants in boston. will be staying in the south end in september and would love to see some posts to guide me to some yummy seafood devoid of tourists.

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    tommy Aug 24, 2001 03:05 PM

    That's because "seafood restaraunts" tend to cater to the tourist...Legal Seafood, Mccormick and Schmick.
    However rest assured there is plenty of great fish at just about all of the recommended places. I can't think of a single menu without a few apps and entrees on them...anyone?

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      ironmom Aug 24, 2001 03:05 PM

      Many "seafood" restaurants are tourist traps. Find a restaurant with a good reputation, you'll have a better chance of excellent seafood.

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        peregrine Aug 24, 2001 04:22 PM

        Many restaurants in Chinatown (not far from the South End) do marvellous things with seafood. Jumbo and East Ocean City are two of the best.

        At Pho To Chau, a Vietnamese restaurant, try the seafood hotpot - simmering fish stock in which you can cook a platter full of seafood - think fish fondue.

        No shortage of fish anywhere. All of the ethnic restaurants have seafood specials. Take your choice.

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        1. re: peregrine
          Henry Bass Sep 2, 2001 10:47 AM

          Dear peregrine,

          Please. please tell us where Pho To Chau, the Vietnamese seafood place is? How can we find it unless you do? It is not in the phone book. Many thanks.

          1. re: Henry Bass
            peregrine Sep 7, 2001 11:03 PM

            Pho To Chau - I hope that's the right name - is at 17 Beach Street, not far from Washington St. (pause) I finally found them in the Yellow Pages as To Chau Rest.

            Their other specialty, a full dinner for two, is not fish at all, but Seven Styles (or Courses) of Beef, which is exactly that - they just keep bringing things out.

            I s'pose if you had a party of four, you could get one seafood and one beef and not plan on much breakfast the next day.

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          Adam Aug 25, 2001 12:24 PM

          You should search through the board, since the topic may have come up several times before.

          I really haven't hard great seafood in Boston proper. Give us some more info on what you're looking for. I don't feel as though one needs to improve on the seafood shack type of place--such as Newick's in Dover Point, NH (a 1-hr drive from Boston) or the Ipswich Clam Box (a 45-minute drive from Boston).

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