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Aug 24, 2001 01:53 AM

Cafe Louis Pizza

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I notice the most response on the message board is usually concerning pizza. Has anyone had the pizza at Cafe Louis in Boston? I think it is the best I have had in the city. I think it is grilled and not cooked in an oven. The rest of the food and especially the wine were really great.

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  1. what was on your pizza? Just wondering since I've been craving duck and brie pizza which I had at Nola's, one of emeril laggase's rests in New Orleans

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      I likje the spicy corn pizza which is in season now. But I have had a prosciutto and mashed potato pizza in the winter which I also like.

    2. The first time I had Cafe Louis pizza (about a year ago), I described it to my girlfriend as the best non-traditional pizza I've ever had. She agreed with that assessment. Although the word may be confusing (or incorrect) I mean by "non-traditional" that the pizza is not the type of pizza (pizza-parlour style) I have enjoyed at some of the great spots in New Haven (Modern, Sally's, Pepe's) or New York (Grimaldi's, Lombardi's). The biggest difference is that the pizza at Cafe Louis is grilled (literally). I am told that the "inventor" of grilled pizza is the chef-founder of Al Forno in Providence, which runs Cafe Louis. The pizzas at Cafe Louis are said to be nearly identical to those at Al Forno. I have never been to Al Forno so I cannot confirm this. Also, all of the Cafe Louis pizzas are served as individual non-circular pies which hang over the sides of the plate.

      Some tips:

      - Most importantly, eat the pizza before it gets cold. Rather, eat it right away! I know this from experience. We have shared dishes at Cafe Louis several times and whoever gets the pizza last (after it has had some time to sit) ALWAYS likes it the least. Incidentally, I don't always have this experience at pizza parlors (which Cafe Louis surely is not). Sometimes, I prefer pizza after its had time to sit for a few minutes. Cafe Louis pizza, however, is definitely best straight off the grill. Thus, if you plan on sharing one, share the pizza first, then move on to other things.

      - The margherita pizza is the best. I have tried the following as well at Cafe Louis: bolognese pizza, corn and tomato (in season, as now!), spicy tomato pizza. While each one is EXCELLENT, none has surpassed the simple greatness of the margherita. The fresh (fairly sweet) tomato sauce, perfect mozzarella (and possibly some parmegiano??), and beautifully grilled thin yeasty crust drizzled lightly with a gourgeous olive oil needs no toppings.

      - Finally, Cafe Louis offers some other wonderful dishes as well. I won't digress into those here but will mention a few things. There are some aspects of Cafe Louis which not all chowhounds will like. For one, the prices are very high. While I deem the prices fair for the extraordinary quality, perhaps not all chowhounds will share my opinion. Also, on occasion, the restaurant has an air of snootiness to it. While I have often had wonderful, smiling,helpful servers who have made us feel right at home, on occasion there is a bit of attitude. I suppose this is to be expected of a restaurant located in a department store which sells wool gloves for $350. (No joke, have a peak!).