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Aug 23, 2001 06:24 PM

Desperate for solid Chinese in N. Worcester Cty

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We're in Bolton, and love Sudbury's Lotus Blossom, but the scene is a tad uptight, and we're looking for a more "umbrella drink" kind of Chinese palace a la Kowloon. The kind of place with a potentially tacky interior, awesome food, family-friendly -- any suggestions for the area NW or along 495 north of the Pike (Marlboro...Westford....Stow/Maynard...even Westboro....)


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  1. The best Chinese in Worcester is Pings, downtown by the bus station. Easy access off 290 with lunch buffet too.

    1. I know exactly what you're yearning for. The newer Chinese restaurants lack the "tacky" Polynesian atmosphere - even though the food may be great.

      In Westboro, I go to the Honolulu on Route 9. It is the "umbrella drink" type of Chinese restaurant with excellent food. They serve many drinks in those ceramic coconuts.....and it is a predominantly (or totally) male waitstaff - wearing those Hawaiian shirts!

      1. Have you tried China Ruby on Nason St. in Maynard? It has the atmosphere you're looking for: very 1960's tiki style, red walls, Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a menu of old-fashioned cocktails served in fake cocunuts. It is a very family-friendly neighborhood restaurant. I was there last night, and just about every table had kids. The food is pretty good, maybe not "awesome", no suprises on the menu. The specials are usually good and a little out of the ordinary. The rest of the menu is of the "sweet and sour chicken" type. My husband started going to the China Ruby with his parents 30 years ago and it's nice that it's still there!