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Aug 23, 2001 10:01 AM

japanese grocery stores

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Are there any Japanese grocery stores in the Boston area besides Porter Square's Kotobukiyo, Union Square's Korean/Japanese Reliable, the one in central square (forgot the name), and Narutomi on Newbury St. (found it on the net, is it still there)?

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  1. narutomi is still on Newbury.

    1. Super 88. It's a pan-Asian supermarket, with plenty of Japanese products. There's one on the edges of Chinatown (Trement St., I think, just before (or after, depends which way you're driving) it passes over the Mass Pike. There's also a much larger branch in the South Bay Shopping Center off of 93 on the Dorchester/Roxbury/South End border.

      1. I love the one in central square and also forget the name---it's been over a year since I've gone for real rice, soy and spices, but it is the one I love

        1. If you're in the western suburbs, China International Merchandise on Cambridge Street in Burlington is an easy-to-park outpost of those crowded Chinatown grocery stores that serve 15 nationalities. You'll find chappati flour, chili-fried seitan, turmeric roots - the works. The bananas are cheap, they stock the sprinkle-on chocolate for your morning toast (for the Dutch Indonesian folks, of course), and they take credit cards.

          It's not easy to spot- it's in a strip mall about half a mile before you hit Building 19 - but it's worth it.