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breakfast in seattle

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Looking for a good diner type breakfast spot in or near downtown Seattle, maybe similar to Dottie's in San Francisco. Hope y'all can help - thanks!

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    Culinary Fool

    I don't know Dottie's but you can try the 5-Spot in Queen Anne (just north of downtown) http://www.chowfoods.com/five/index.aspx

    Or I always love Le Pichet, in the market. It's not diner but French bistro. http://seattle.citysearch.com/profile...

    Link: http://www.culinaryfool.com

    1. Dottie's is my favorite place in San Francisco. I am headed to Seattle in a few weeks and looking for a breakfast spot. How did your breakfast adventure turn out? Anything similar to Dottie's up there?


      1. the mecca on first avenue at the foot of queen anne hill (rather a long walk from downtown)is the quintessential diner but is closely matched by both the the five points cafe (4th/cedar) and the shack (on elliott) for both funkiness and food. five points is a 24 hour joint and has the best french fries on the planet and sold by the pound.

        1. I haven't been for breakfast but it's supposed to be outstanding at Lola. It's one of Tom Douglas' spots.

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            I'm a huge fan of breakfast at Lola's . . . my favorite is the braised octupus in red wine sauce with crispy pork belly, potatoes and an egg. Yes, an odd breakfast, but it's outstanding!

            Interesting to hear about the Shack--I've driven by a million times and each time I say "that looks like the kind of place that's either really really great or really really bad". Guess I'll have to try it sometime!

          2. How about describing Dottie's in San Francisco?

              1. Geraldine's counter in columbia city has very good breakfast. I especially enjoy geraldine's breakfast casserole.

                1. LOVE Geraldine's Counter!!

                  1. Caffee Minnie's at 101 Denny Way. Everything is good - especially the omelettes. The Dutch Baby is good, but not really worth the wait, IMHO.

                    1. Is the Cafe Minnie's better than the one that used to be on Broadway (Capitol Hill)? That place had horrendously bad food. My friend had a squid pasta dish there that we still make jokes about.

                      1. the unlamented cafe minnie on broadway was a branch of the one on denny - both serve(d) food that might be acceptable only at 4am combined with service that is slapdash at the best of times - the dutch baby is a pale imitation of the superb one at the one of the gourmet pancake locations in crown heights or kirkland

                        1. After reading the description of Dottie's, I think The Dish in Fre-lard sounds closest to what you want. And like Dottie's it's very popular so you will get to 45 minutes for your breakfast. (Why people wait so long for stuff they could make at home with their eyes closed, I'll never know)

                          1. Salmon Bay Cafe in industrial Ballard, Senor Moose Cafe in Ballard, Pete's Eggnest in Greenwood, second The Dish, I'll add more as I think of all the places I go to breakfast.

                            1. For a completely Seattle breakfast experience, eat in the bar, at the second level, at Lowell's. Kickin' breakfast, I 'specially like the corned beef hash with poached eggs, and you sit in these ancient wooden booths looking out at the produce stands. Now the state's gone non-smoking, what could be better?

                              1. HUGE omelettes and the rocker friendly Beth's Cafe in Greenlake, and the best house crepes ever at AP Barbara's in Lynnwood!!