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Aug 22, 2001 09:14 PM

north end italian

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please, I;ve been out of town for a few months. What are your favorite northend spots?

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  1. Love the red sauce on Amore's on Salem street.

    Favorite for lingering is Cafe Graffiti on Hanover, great Tiramisu and espresso and they poor a good size glass of wine.

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      sorry, that's D'Amore's 76 Salem.

    2. For traditional Italian, I like Massimino's Cucina..for "new age" Italian, I like Prezza.

      1. stay away from alloro ...long wait over 40 mins for
        food that is average at best. to make matters worst
        they overcharged me on the bill as well. i think this
        is a habit cause the table next to us was also overcharged, which i why we checked our bill carefully.
        also Bricco a more expensive restaurant is over rated
        stick with the ones with entree under 20 dollars. alloro and bricco are both on hanover st. however recomnended for pastry's is michaels.

        1. A few North End favorites;

          Mamma Maria- Great room, Great service, Very Good Italian Cuisine, Good to Very Good Wine List. Classic Italian experience presented by a guy named McGee. Who'da thunk? North Square. They have a valet.

          Sage- Just close your eyes, click your heals three times, and you're in Italy. That is until you look at the wine list. Hey Tony, get that California s*#% outta here!! You're messin up my fantasy. Very small, call ahead. Parking is UGLY on Prince St, take a cab.

          Maurizio's- Maurizio is Sardinian, and the menu is strongly influenced by the island cuisine of his homeland.What does that mean? Well over the last several centuries, Sardinia has been occuppied by just about every country in Europe except Switzerland. You will find Italian, Spanish, and French tones in Maurizio's food. No spatzl. Very good to Great all around. Hanover St. by Paul Revere Park and the fire station. Cab is best option.

          Prezza- Comfortably slides into the slot formally occupied by Marcuccio's while Chuck Draghi was working his magic. A slick, urban dining experience on a little back street in the North End. Twenty years ago, the neighbors would have fire-bombed the place, seeing it as an invasion of their little thing. Today it is simply the most ambitious, and exciting restaurant in a neighborhood that is only recently discovering that an Italian restaurant doesn't have to be all about PASTA and RED SAUCE. Excellent. Parking, bad throughout the entire North End, is particulary BRUTAL in this area. The valet is just a tease, always out of space. Try to take a cab if you can.

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            thanks to all of you for great suggestions

          2. Spaghetti with sea urchin and bottarga di muggine tossed with a
            garlic spicy pepper E.V.O.O. - this was a really great pasta dish found at Taranta. i had it last year and i Still dream about it. the restaurant is on hanover st.
            also worth checking out is the roast lamb with fennel sandwich at Artu's... a scrumptious meal for $5! take out only.