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Aug 21, 2001 09:56 PM

Khushboo - Indian in Lexington

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Two of us just had awonderful dinner at the recently opened Khushboo, Lexington's first Indian restaurant, upstairs at 1709 Mass. Ave, in Lex. center. Several previous restaurants have come and gone in this space, but I think this one's a keeper.

The menu includes both northern and southern dishes, both luncheon and dinner. We started with a southern Uttapam, a bread-like circle with veggies & ground chicken, and for main courses had tandoori rack of lamb and makhi (kebab?), a vegetable patty in a splendid sauce. Also we ordered mango lassi, and saffron-pistachio icecream for dessert. There were a few small problems with the service, but the place has been open less than a week, so this is probably a shake-down-cruise issue.

We'll certainly go back and try a few more things sometime soon!

website under construction - try in a couple of days -
phone 781-863-2273

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  1. We went to Khushboo Saturday night and had a great meal. Started with the vegetable pakoras, which were great tasting, but smaller (and fewer) than most places we've been. Still a great choice, nonetheless. For entrees, we had the Murg Chili, a chicken, onion, and pepper dish with white meat and charred vegetables, in a delicious sauce. Also had the Lamb Madras, a spicy, red-sauced dish that was very tasty. A mint and basil paratha (bread) special on the menu was a great accompaniment to both dishes, and the herbs gave a great intense flavor. The (usual) onion chutney, mint paste, and tamarind sauce condiments were outstanding and plentiful.

    Prices were reasonable (considering the location and clearly expensive recent renovations)... $43 for 2 of us, including tax and tip. Service was good for us, but we saw slight mis-steps around us, probably due to the newness of the operation. Certainly nothing that would prevent us from going back.

    1. Being a Lexingtonian I was thrilled when I heard that an Indian restaurant was taking over the space that previously housed Carolina's Restaurant and the Stone Soup Grill. It is a great location with wonderful 2nd story patio space. Unfortunately Kushboo has not taken advantage of the patio space (yet?!). But the redo on the decor is a welcome change!

      We had dinner at Khushboo last night and thank god the food was so good because the service was abysmal. We waited in the "downstairs" lobby (7:30pm on a friday night) after putting our name in and we were forgotten about. 30 minutes later, when we went upstairs to check on the wait we were told they were waiting for us, however, no one ever called our name.

      The place was packed...even at 8:00pm in a town where the streets usually roll up at about that time. Patrons included lots of ethnic Indians (a good sign) and the typical Lexington crowd.

      We ordered at 8:15 but did not see our food until 9:00pm. (slow service...) We ordered from the specials menu the Kali Chicken (creamy korma-like sauce with ginger and cinnamon) and Fish Korma as well as Garlic Nan. Absolutely delicious, cooked to perfection, though my friend asked for his Korma extra spicy and it wasn't. The condiments were some of the best I've had in Boston.

      We then waited patiently for 30 minutes after we finished hoping our waiter to come over and clear the table. He never came, we had to flag him down. He was to busy clearing and resetting tables of guests whom had already left.

      The food is great. Better than the many wonderful Indian establishments on Moody Street in Waltham. This is something Lexington Center has needed for a long, long, time. Now if they can just work out the service....