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Aug 21, 2001 03:54 PM

Places to buy fresh seafood

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It seems like there have been some good healthy arguments on this board about seafood restaurants but no discussion yet about places to buy seafood to cook yourself. I'd like to hear people sound off on where they think the best places are.

There's a place on Rt. 2 in Cambridge by the rotaries called Fresh Pond seafood (I think) that I've been to a couple of times and is pretty good. Their tuna was of pretty good quality--not the best I've ever had, but good--and their halibut was great--very flavorful.

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  1. Fresh Pond Seafood is where I buy fresh fish in the Boston area. As you say, not the best you've ever had, but quite good enough.

    When possible, I buy fish from one of several fish markets on Cape Cod, all of which are usually better than Fresh Pond or anywhere else I know of in the more immediate Boston area. Nevertheless, Fresh Pond Seafoods rates pretty high on my list.

    The trick in buying fish there is the same as it is everywhere: rather than being set on one particular kind of fish, buy what looks best and is local.

    Last week, I was on Cape Cod and brought home some outstanding, very fresh bluefish from Swan River Fish Market in Dennisport. That fish could not have been out of the water very long, and for $4.99/lb - what a bargain!

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      Last month I boought the worst lobsters I had ever eaten, from Fresh Pond Seafood. The meat was tasteless and the odor was not pleasant. I'd be willing to bet they weren't from Maine.

    2. I have nothing to add (sorry) but was wondering if anyone has ever bought seafood from Super88 in the South Bay Shopping Center. They have such a great selection, including tanks of live fish, crabs, lobsters, etc. but I've always been a little intimidated.....! Thoughts?

      1. I like Bread & Circus. Consistently very fresh, if also kind of pricey. Court House Seafood in East Cambridge is also very good.

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        1. re: Andy T
          Marc Soliman

          I agree with Andy on Court House Seafood. Friendly guys who'll tell you what's fresh.

          I'm curious if anyone know where to get great quality, sashimi grade seafood (tuna, belly, etc.)

        2. If you are willing to make the trek to the North Shore, Marblehead Lobster Company has outstanding fresh seafood. They are pricey but, IMHO opinion, worth it, fresh and delicious. I am a semi-vegetarian (pesco-lacto) and this place is it for me...

          1. In the North End, I like Giufffres Fish Market on Salem St...usually have great swordfish. For lobsters, I like James Hook.