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Aug 20, 2001 06:15 PM

Federalist -- Restaurant Week experience

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Had the Restaurant Week lunch today at the Federalist. Perfect service and atmosphere, and I was impressed that they didn't skrimp on using premium ingredients in the special menu. Enjoyed the meal immensely.

Here were the menu choices (not sure if they'll be changing over the course of the week though.) Pardon the simplistic descriptions.

- Clam chowder with oysters
- Salad with fresh goat cheese
- Gazpacho with fresh lobster

- Grilled steak w/potatoes and wine reduction (huge portion,nice crust on the steak, and beautiful sauce and glaze)
- Scallops & mussels in light broth (subtle herb flavors, excellent and tender scallops but only 2 of them!)
- Roast chicken (looked good)

- Chocolate "flight" (3 chocolate desserts -- a chocolate ice cream with cherries, a confection made of white chocolate, grand marnier etc., and a dark chocolate cake)

- Trio of fruit sorbets.

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  1. Thanks very much for the preview. Sounds delicious. I'm going there tomorrow (did Radius today)...

    1. Thanks for the recreation. I've been out of town and what I've heard from the forum is that I'm a day late to get any reservations this year. Happy dining, let me know if I can take a cancelled reservation!!!