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Aug 20, 2001 04:16 PM

Duck - North of Boston

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Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant, north of Boston that serves duck?

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  1. How far north? Fore Street in Portland has a signature duck done two ways dish (confit and grilled breast).

    1. The duck at the Duck Walk in Wakefield, Ma ( a Thai resturant) is the best duck I've ever tasted. Have had it many times. You won't be disappointed

      1. Most restaurants I know of will not seat a duck unless it is accompanied by a human.

        Which reminds me of the time a guy walked into a bar with a talking duck....

        Holly Moore

        Link: http://www.HollyEats.Com

        1. Yanks in Beverly. Scandia in Newburyport probably has it too.

          1. If you're looking for a quick, sit-down, upscale fast food establishment I would visit David's World Famous. They have a Grilled Duck Sandwich or Chinese Sesame Noodles with Duck. Both are excellent. They have locations in Woburn and Burlington. Check out their website for phone numbers and directions.