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Apr 21, 2005 02:28 PM

Neighborhood favorites (SEA)

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I've found some of the best restaurants are often well kept secrets, little neighborhood holes in the wall. What are you favorite places to grab a quick bite?

Personally, we like Bings in Madison Park for a sandwich or burger on a week night. For a nice Italian meal, Sostanza Trattoria is always good with a romantic setting complete with a fireplace. And Cactus for a good mojito or margarita and southwest food.

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  1. I like Mi La Cay, chinese soup shack on the corner of Rainier and Dearborn. Also I like That's Amore for Italian on 31st Ave S.

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    1. I truly wish Dandelion was in my neighborhood. In the same vein, we're wanting to try Persimmon for dinner some night. And, Brad's Swingside is a place we wish we could eat at more often.

      Alas, none of these is in my neighborhood and my best recommendation for that spot would be Barbacoa, where I often have Saturday lunch.

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        Barbacoa on the top of Queen Anne? Sadly, it's closed and has been replaced by a French restaurant called Portage.

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          Portage just got a great review in the Times:


          wow, that's a really long link. If that doesn't work just go to and search "portage".

      2. Try Casa D'Italia in the Ravenna/Bryant area - wildly popular with all the nieghborhood.

        1. On Capitol Hill, I love Cafe Stellina (newly reopened on 12th between Pike and Madison). Lovely owners and the yam and peanut soup is to die for. They're currently open only for breakfast and lunch but soon will be expanding to dinner.

          1. Persimmon is fantastic for brunch, haven't yet tried it for dinner. In the same neighborhood, there's a phenomenal little Cuban sandwich place ~ can't recall the name but it is about a block or so north of Persimmon.

            We enjoy Yanni's on Phinney Ridge for neighborhood Greek. Also good for delivery when you're in a Mediterranean mood is Olive You near 85th.

            Has anyone tried Portage on Queen Anne (where Barbacoa used to me) yet? Thoughts?