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Aug 19, 2001 03:51 PM

Veggies&Omnivore visiting Harv Sq weekend in Dec

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We are two veggies and an omnivore who will be staying in Harvard Square for a long weekend in December and are looking for recommendations that will suit us all. We pretty much know about the relatively decent-ish fast food places, but anything sit-down (of any nationality/price range) would be great to know about. We prefer quieter except if there is live music (jazz or blues are best). We are always willing to travel for somewhere special, though as we like a drink we would rather not have to drive as well. Thanks in advance.

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  1. hi,
    if you're looking for harvard square places specifically I can recommend a few...
    1)Casablanca-really good food and cool atmosphere (decently quiet in the dining room) on Brattle St. right next to the Brattle theatre and under Algiers (I'm a bit partial b/c I work there) entrees in high teens-low 20's range. a number of good vegetarian dishes
    2) Tanjore- really solid reasonably priced Indian restaurant on Eliot St. right near JFK st.
    3) harvest is supposed to be good although I haven't been there
    4) rialto- probably the fanciest and most expensive place in the square but really good

    for places with good live music, the square isn't the best. House of Blues on winthrop st. has music but I don't think the food is anything to talk about. for solid jazz and good food, I would recommend cafe Louis on Newbury st. I have heard the food is good and I know the guys who play there (although I don't know if they'll be playing in December still) and they're great musicians...

    and stay away from Fire and Ice.
    hope this helps and have fun,

    1. Pho Pasteur in the Garage in Harvard Square is excellent Vitnamese food w a good mix of vegetarian and meat dishes. Really cheap too. Their soups are especially good....On a cold winter night I think you would love it.

      1. Don't forget Henrietta's Table in the Charles Hotel! A wide variety of produce is lovingly selected and prepared (ditto for meat, too) in a relaxed and warm environment. Very dependable.