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Aug 18, 2001 04:00 PM

all you can eat lobster

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I'm from New Orleans, and will be in Boston during Labor Day, and am wondering if there are any places with all you can eat steamed lobster. I don't get much lobster down here and want to gorge myself while I'm there. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. See posting below. You have two resturant choices basically, inexpensive Chinese buffet with hit-or-miss lobster or expensive Nordic Lodge.

    I suggest that your just go to a lobster merchant and get a bunch of lobster and eat them in your hotel room. I think lobster eating is a private thing anyway. Most places will cook the lobsters for you.

    I do the same with crawfish when I go down to you part of the world.

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      There's a place down in Rhode Island called the Nordic Lodge, I beleive it's in Georgetown, R.I.. All you can eat lobster as well as about 50 other items ranging from steak and chicken to clams, oyster, shrimp, pretty much anything you can think of. The price is about 50$ but well worth the trip. I believe they have a website Nordiclodge .com