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Aug 18, 2001 09:24 AM

Tried Limbo last night...

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Honestly, the food was very good. Nothing on the menu was over $18. They just opened earlier this week and I wasn't expecting much but I was quite surprised with the service and food. We had the Salmon tartar very fresh and sweet. Also for the apps we tried the heirloom tomato salad. The zinfandel wine vinaigrette dressing was soooo good. I know it's only a salad dressing but I could not stop dipping my bread into it. For our entrees I had the sautéed wild striped bass and my friend had the lobster risotto. Both dishes were very tasty. We didn't have enough room for desert but I would have loved to try the baked peach. Besides the 2 apps and 2 entrees, we had 5 martinis.(very good). The total bill came to $110.00 including tip. Overall the atmosphere and food was a welcome to the location. The bonus to this experience was their live jazz. Very soothing and relaxing to dine to.

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  1. Thanks for the review - I've been waiting for the place to open but wasn't sure when. We'll have to check it out tomorrow night.

    1. Who is the chef?


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        Charles Draghi (formerly of Marcuccio's in the North End). I think it's only temporarily though, to develop the menu. He recently bought Blackstone’s on the Square, in the South End and is opening up his own restaurant (forgot name?).



      2. last night i tried limbo - somewhat mixed results we
        had the duck (menu is below) which was not defatted and
        bland and the confit lacked depth of flavor, the short
        ribs were very good though might be one of the best in
        town, the pork was good - very nice vinaigrette sauce
        and so were the crab cakes, though the preserved lemon
        should have been better incorporated into the dish,
        perhaps folded into the saffron aioli. portions were
        on the smallish side which made for an expensive

        Fresh salmon poached in a light tomato water and
        saffron broth with opal basil $7
        • Chilled soubise with wild sorrel, watercress, sap
        sago and toasted sesame oil $6

        • Arugula with shaved fennel, apples and locally made
        goat cheese $7
        • Heirloom tomato salad with a smoked prosciutto and
        zinfandel wine vinaigrette. $8

        • Oysters on the shell with a bourbon, malt vinegar
        and fresh tarragon marinade $10
        • Salmon tartar, marinated with roses, anise hissop
        and grated sweet fennel $8
        • Seared sea scallops with a roasted yellow pepper and
        marjoram jus $11
        • Sautéed Maine crab cakes in a kaitafi crust, with
        preserved lemons and cardamom $12
        • Sautéed wild striped bass with a corn and oregano
        coulis and toasted corn oil $16

        • Sautéed duck breast and leg confit with a golden
        apple and sage fruit must $12
        • Grilled lamb with a roasted red onion jus spiced
        with scented geraniums $15
        • Grilled pork loin with a spicy roasted pork, lemon
        and lavender vinaigrette $16
        • Beef short ribs braised with cotechino sausage, star
        anise and carrots with a house-made spiced fruit
        vinegar $16