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Aug 17, 2001 10:17 AM

Where to get great tomatoes?

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I'm not yet at the end of my first year in Boston so I still haven't scoped out the best places to get fresh produce in season. Tomato time is fast approaching--does anyone know where to get the best non-greenhouse tomatoes in Boston?


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  1. Try one of the farmer's markets around town (listed at I know that there is a great one in Brookline on Thursday until 6PM. If you want to pick tomatoes the farms that allow you to pick are also listed at Hope this helps.

    1. My wife and I make the short trek to Wilson Farms in Lexigton(right off of Rt.2. They have the best produce that I have come across in the Boston Area.

      1. For consistency, variety and quality, you must hurry to the venerable institution of Verrill Farms in Concord if you can. The earlier in the day, the better, of course. They have more than a dozen varieties of tomatoes at any given time, often good (as opposed to merely interesting) heirloom varieties. And their other produce (e.g., corn usually in three varieties, on ice if you get there early enough) is wonderful as well. It's the only place I know of where I can get genuine new potatoes (not red bliss, but ones whose skin is as frail as tissue paper) with consistency.

        Oh, and their bakery and grocer items are wonderful, to boot....

        And it's a lot less chaotic than the zoo at Wilson Farms, which certainly has more breadth but often less depth.

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          I would have to disagree w/ Verill Farms. They used to be GREAT when you could pick your own but I find the quality has gone way down hill. I am glad you have had better luck that I :) I go to my faithful Wilson Farms almost every weekend. I consistently get great produce everytime I go.

        2. You didn't really say what part of Boston you are in, or how mobile you are. There are some farmer's markets set up around town on various days, but the prices tend to be ridiculously high.
          If you are out in the 'burbs, there are numerous small farms and farm stands-- especially around Natick, Milford, Marlboro, Chelmsford, places like that. Also some of the bigger farms, like Wilsons do OK, but aren't always selling their own produce.
          Closer to town you might even try the venerable Kay's Fruit on Mt Auburn Street in Watertown.

          1. Today and tomorrow is Verrill Farms corn and tomato festival. A great opportunity to taste about 25 varieties of tomatoes and 6 corn. Be sure to stop by the farm stand and check out the baked goods. The fruit pies are awesome.


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