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Aug 16, 2001 11:49 AM

A lone Chowgirl in Boston

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Hi Boston Chowhounds,
I'm going to be working next week in Boston, staying at the Sheraton. I've been seriously cruising the Boston board for ideas, and there are plenty of great ones. I've only visited once, long ago, so I'm quite unfamiliar with the city. It's very likely that I'll be finishing work late some nights, so does anyone know of a late-serving resto near my hotel? More importantly, where can I dine alone; and even more important, where can a girl drink alone? I'm omnivorous and completely open to any and all cuisines (I'm from S. Francisco and live in Manhattan), esp. Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Clamshack (I NEED a good lobster, or roll of same!). Thanks guys!

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  1. Go to the Silvertone late night, you'll be fine alone and it is a bit of a waitron hangout, so you can gleen a little inside info. Decent bar good food etc

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    1. re: Mark

      You are about Silvertone, but the kitchen is not open late.

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        These all sound great, guys. Thanks so much for the tips. Going out of town with my husband is one thing - I'm free to explore the sketchiest of dives, but alone after work hours is another thing...

    2. More in your hotel area is Vox Populi on Boylston which is a scene, not sure if you'd mind having a drink there by yourself. The woman who bartends upstairs is awesome, you could sit at her station. Food is decent. Just ate at the Blue Cat Cafe on Mass by Newbury and they're okay with lots of drinking going on. Sandwiches are $6-9 and some interesting apps and dinners which may not be the best ever, but not too expensive. Davio's on Newbury St. is pleasant, good Italian food. There's a Korean buffet on Mass Ave. for easy, cheap eating. Also Dixie Kitchen a few doors down. The Marche and food court in the mall by your hotel if you really want cheap and no one bothering you.

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        Skip the Korean buffet (Arirang) - it's past prime.
        For survival chow, there's a food court in the shopping arcade.
        Other suggestions are good.

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          Maybe you caught Arirang on a bad day...To do that food court in the Prudential, when you could sample interesting ,healthy food, with influences of Korean home-style cooking, sounds plain unChowhound-like to me...It's one of my favorites, and when I do work for my Prudential Center client, I make it a point to go there, and come back from lunch reeeking of garlic, with a huge smile on my face!!

          1. re: galleygirl

            Well, I was there for dinner, and the food on the buffet that evening sure tasted like it had been hanging around since lunch. Perhaps noontime is better.

            And I mentioned the food court as "survival," meaning exactly that. The Pru-Mass.Ave neighborhood has plenty of excellent chow.

      2. When you get to the Sheraton, see Amy at the Concierge Desk. She's the Chef Concierge and knows Boston and that neighborhood very well. She's married now but was a single girl in Boston for many years so she can give some sound advice on where to go. Mention my name and she'll take good care of you.