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Aug 16, 2001 09:32 AM

Mom and Dad Visit

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My parents are visiting in late August. I already have plans to take them to Oleana and Rialto. I need one more resturant for Sunday night. They are big into good food. Any suggestions?

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  1. I am in "the business" and dine out three or four nights a week and I can't recommend Salts enough. I caught some grief from another chowhound about Salts a few weeks ago because they got a Best of Boston and that apparently disqualifies them from being a good reccomendation. I really think that Steve Rosen may be the best chef in Boston, and I think the overall experience of that resto is a testiment to idea of a freestanding non-big money driven resto.

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      I wholeheartedly agree with Salts - it's a fabulous restaurant with a warm atmosphere and wonderful food. Yes, what's up with those so-called "chowhounds" who claim that because a restaurant wins accolades by "foodies" that it immediately negates the place!!???? (and if you notice, they rarely say they've actually been there). I guess a chef and his cuisine is only worth recommending if nobody knows about it?!! WEIRD

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        Okay- I'm totally intrigued. Where is Salts? What do you suggest to order?

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          It's on Main St. by Central Sq., across from the Bertucci's. They have an Eastern European slant to their menu. I've only been once but you're pretty safe ordering anything I thnk.

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            It is at 798 Main st. Cambridge, 617-876-8444. There is not a bad dish on the menu. The Gypsy bundles are a signature dish. I love the Duck entree and virtually everything else, try the morel and potato sausage with foies gras royale, I had it last week and it was so good I almost fell off my chair. Thanks to the other chowhounds who are standing up for me. I love Salts.

    2. I would also agree w/Salts, and to add to the list, I like Aspasia when I dined there. I thought the atmopshere to be intimite and lovely and the food was quite delish as well.

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        I'd second Aspasia; a excellent food, similar in atmosphere to Oleana but smaller, more intimate, slightly more expensive.

        There's a wonderful online resource called; they list descriptions and menus for many of Boston's more "food-centered" restaurants.


      2. All your suggestions are wonderful except . . none are open on Sunday. Any other suggestions?

        1. Good Sunday possibilities are Pigalle (near the Theater District) or Lumiere (in West Newton). Frankly, Lumiere is an extraordinary restaurant if you have a car to travel out the Turnpike for ten minutes.

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            I second Lumiere - food is consistent, always delicious!! And it is open on Sundays from 5pm - last seating is at about 9. Definately call for reservations.