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Aug 15, 2001 02:30 PM

recommend southend galleria

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Southend galleria on columbus ave is a restaurant
is one that I had a very good experience. Everything
is very good, however I think their soups and
appetizers are excellent.

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  1. Ok, I went to SE Galleria w/my sister about a few months ago. REally looking forward to it (first time) and ended up being sorely disappointed. The restaurant looks really adorable and I like the atmosphere a lot, but we sat outside (also really agreeable), but the service we received was really pretty terrible. It was a sunday evening, not all that slammed and it took FOREVER. I mean in a ridiculous way. So that, when we finally got our food, uh, not all that impressed, esp. considering the wait. I don't even remember what I got. I just ate it and paid the bill a bit grudgingly. Of course, I wouldn't mind going back a second time to give it another chance, but I don't know....I was just really dissapointed. Are there any specilaties (besides, I know, the soups and aps that you like) that they do well? Pasta? fish? shellfish?

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      Disclaimer: I sell fine wine to restaurants in the Boston area, and South End Galleria is one of my customers.

      My first experience at South End Galleria was similar, they seemed to be trying very hard but could not execute. Recently, I have been back a couple of times and they have really impressed me. The owners recently closed their other location, Galleria Italiana, so Marisa, their chef, is now exclusively cooking at the South End location - this has made a huge difference. They are a lot more focused on the product in the South End than they were even just a few months ago.