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Aug 14, 2001 02:54 PM

has anyone been to Olives, Rialto or Biba recently?

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i just wonder if these perennial favorite boston restaurants still deliver a great dining experience.

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  1. I haven't been to Olive's myself but I had a friend go a few months ago and she told me the following. She and her husband ordered the scallop appetizer. When it came they almost burst out lauging. They got ONE scallop for I think $14.00.

    1. A friend and I went to Olive's a few months ago, I'd only been one other time and felt it wasn't as good as everyone said. Still feel that way. The fish dish I got was not as described on the menu. It was okay but kind of greasy which my friend complained about with her pasta dish too. I had ordered a souffle in advance which was fine, probably should have just eaten an appetizer with it. Our waitress concentrated on a table of 8 men who were obviously spending big bucks, much more than us so we weren't too taken care of. We went early on a Tues. so at least we were able to sit right down.

      1. I will defend Olives, I have had nothing but really outstanding experiences there. I was there about six weeks ago with my husband. We were also there early on a weeknight and got the best seat in the house. Although there was a LARGE party seated at the country-style huge table in the middle of the restaurant, they did not take any of the waitstaff's attention away from us. When the waiter mistakenly told us that our appetizer was sold out, we got both the appetizer we originally wanted AND a bonus, full-sized additional appetizer which was shaved, fried artichoke hearts on a risotto cake, drizzled with a wonderful vinaigrette sauce. This gesture alone, which was totally unexpected, is enough to endear a place to me for a long time. We both had fish and it was scrumptious. Although we were full, we felt we had to order dessert and were delighted by the sweet/salty ice cream dessert. I will say that you have to like rich, full bodied tastes to enjoy Todd English's food, but if you're in the mood, the place still delivers the greatest atmosphere and food around (in my opinion).

        1. are you serious? why not ask Zagat?