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Aug 14, 2001 11:26 AM

chatham eats

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where should I eat in this preppy Cape town?? Of course clams and bass would be awesome. Any sugestions?

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  1. Try the Impudent Oyster

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    1. re: Karl

      Try the Bistro, 2nd floor over a pizza parlor near town center, or the Catham ? Tavern. Avoid Pate's.
      Good Luck.

      1. re: M

        Yes, it's Vining's BIstro.
        Also, the Chatham Squire.
        Good luck.

    2. don't know the name but I've heard there's great Japanese on a side street of Main in'll find it, sounds wonderful! GL

      1. Definitely Vining's Bistro on the second story across the driveway from the Christian Science Reading Room.

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        1. re: AGM/Cape Cod

          No one has suggestions for funky Yarmouth places or breakfast on the way to the Cape???

          1. re: Joanie

            There isn't much that I have personlly experienced in Yarmouth. I was told there is a new Italian/Mexican place called Terracotta (I think) on 28 across from the Christmas Tree Shop.
            I have been to these places:
            In Dennis there is Contrast which has a funky menus and is pretty good (on 6A near the market). For fried clams go to Captain Frosty also on 6A in Dennis. For a highend place there is The Red Pheasant which is good.
            I don't know where you were thinking of when asking about breakfast on the way to the Cape but at Exit 2 in Cedarville is the Blueberry Muffin, in Sandwich on 6A is the Marshland and further up 6A the 6A Cafe. Also if you are going on the weekend the best place for breakfast on the Cape is the Mills in Marston Mills. I say the weekend because then they have specials like Lobster Benedicts, Waffles with raspberries and bananas, Pecan Crunch French Toast and great omelet combinations. You should be prepared to wait for a table though. I shouldn't be telling you about the Mills we wait long enough on Sunday mornings as it is!
            Hope this helps.

            1. re: AGM/Cape Cod

              Thanks for the suggestions. Don't think I'll be doing high end eating this time, and hoping to grab breakfast before hitting the Cape, altho exit 2 might work. But the Mills sounds wonderful, does it serve on weekdays too? Maybe it's just not as fancy on the weekdays. I'll have to swim a lot to offset the dogs, clams and ice cream.

              1. re: Joanie

                If you want to eat in Chatham there are three great choices: (1)the Chatham Squire (dining room side/not bar side)- excellent specials- always great, local seafood; (2) The Impudent Oyster - excellent seafood, locally caught, great service; (3) Christian's (upstairs) ditto. I go to Chatham all year round and these are consistently the BEST places in town. Forget the Chatham Bars Inn (CBI)- a nouveau riche tourist trap w/overpriced (and underhwelming) food.