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Aug 14, 2001 09:24 AM

Yarmouth and on the way

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A friend and I will be staying on the strip, aka Rt. 28 in W. Yarmouth, in the middle of next week and I wondered if anyone had suggestions for good clam shacks, ice cream stands and hot dog places. (Fun, non-bonehead nite spots would be good too but I don't hold much hope for that.) Also a good diner or breakfast place on the way down Wed. morning is needed. And maybe one place where I can get a healthy and interesting salad cuz I might be jonesing for some greens with the diet I plan to have. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Head north to Captain Frosty's. The Cap'n is on the corner of South Yarmouth Road and Rt. 6A in Dennis. They are famous for their fish and chips, but the clams are excellent too, as is all their seafood.

    For ice cream, go to the Sundae School on Lower County Road in Dennisport.

    Sorry don't know where to send you for hot dogs!

    I hope you see this in time - Frosty's and Sundae School are well worth visiting!

    Oh, and for Mexican/Pizza, try BZ's on 28 in Dennisport.

    (I have heard good things about the fried clams at Bob Briggs' Wee Packet on Lower County Road in Dennisport, but I have never been there.