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Aug 14, 2001 09:22 AM

Date places

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I was curious as to what people would suggest as good "date" places. Excluding price as a limitation, I sort of look for a place that has a somewhat intimate atmosphere (or otherwise, unusual....)where you can have good conversations. Something with a hint of romance--but that can be achieved at a so-called dive, I believe. Definately great food, good wine list is always always a plus.

Where do you all enjoy to go???

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  1. Well, I never have dates but would suggest Salts since it's a cute little place with excellent food. If you want to get all cozy, I'd suggest getting a banquette at Ambrosia or a table in the Rialto bar. But if you want good food along with people watching which is fun to do on a date, I'd say the B Side, Franklin Cafe or Sonsie.

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    1. re: Joanie

      If you took me to Sonsie, I think that would be our last date :)

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        Re: Sonsie, I know lots of people can't stand it, but I've always had good food and I like watching the parade of wanna be hipsters. Not everyone's cup of tea for sure.

    2. Suprise suprise, I'd actually nominate Addis Red Sea, an Ethiopian restaurant in the South End. It's not a dive, but it's not overly expensive, and it has an interesting but not invasive decor. You'll score points for the out-of-the-ordinary cusine, and the small, low wicker tables that you eat from (they have cute signs on them introducing themselves as "Mesob"--Ethiopian for "table") will inspire intimacy. Not for food-phobics--you eat with your hands using a spongy bread to scoop up the food. Also be aware that the food is much more filling than it looks.

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      1. re: Seth Ditchik

        Seth has nailed it for sure. Addis Red Sea is fantastic for all of the reasons he lists, and more.

        One recommendation on the spongy bread they serve -- there are two varieties, a light-colored and flavored one, and a sort of a buckwheat-gray one. The darker of the two breads is made with a fermented batter that gives it a really nice complexity of flavor. A good analogy would be baguette v. sourdough. I always ask the waitstaff to provide more of the fermented variety.

        Also, the vegetarian sampler meal is a particularly good selection. We ususally get one of those, and supplement it with a single meat or fish dish.

      2. The best date i ever had was with a man who took me to Dali, in Somerville, for the first time. The place looked like my kitchen, with it's eclectic decor, and we didn't have to order full meals, but ordered one tapas dish after another, lengthening our dinner and allowing for time to talk and get to know each other, and each other's food preferences, as the evening progressed..Yes, there was a wait, but the crowded bar was a nice ice-breaker before we got our table for 2...Unfortunately, we only lasted 3 dates, but it had nothing to do with the restaurant, and I still think kindly of him for planning the date...

        1. Darling,
          there's nothing like the 4 seasons lounge with their luxurious couch tables and piano and decadent dessert....stay away from the tables and hang at a couch!!! simply wonderful!!!

          1. The most romantic burger I've ever had on luxurious couches with wonderful piano ambiance. Grab yourself a couch and you're in the midst of 5 star vacation!!! without the cost of the room! It has been my first choice time and again for special, quiet conversation.