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Aug 11, 2001 07:14 PM

Buffalo Wings in Western Suburbs

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Any recommendations for good Buffalo wings in or around Newton?

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  1. Without a doubt, Buff's Pub in Newton Corner has always had the best wings. Good size, good quantity and good flavor....Haven't been in a couple years but I still have faith

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    1. re: Noreaster

      Ditto on Buff's. I too haven't been for a few years but they were always FANtastic!

      1. re: Penny

        I go to Buffs once a month for great wings. And yes, they're still as good as you remember..

        1. re: Penny

          All this talk about Buff's this and Buff's that is just plain wacky. I don't know how this place cleans up all the wing's publicity. By far the best wings I've had are at the Village Smokehouse in Brookline Village. Wing quality A+, Sauce A+, Wing texture A+. Ask for extra sauce on side.