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Aug 11, 2001 12:29 PM

Has anyone tried the Emerald Rose in Billerica???

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I've driven by this place several times now and was wondering how it was.

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  1. Hi, I live in Billerica and am guilty of eating out probably 3-4 nites a week. I prefer anything from upscale to casual, but always want quality food. The Emerald Rose is very pretty in the inside...nice quality food. Prices range from Approx. $6 for a sanwich to $9 to$20 for some entrees. They also have some nice appetizers. I love baked brie and they serve it with fruit chutney and toasted french bread. They also have a nice hot spinach/artichoke dip, potato skins, homemade potato chips, chowders, etc. Its a Very nice bar atmosphere for those of us to don't do the 99 scene. There is also a restaurant side. They do have some traditional Irish fare such as Shephard's Pie; Banger's & Mash, Lamb Stew, Fish & Chips. Then they have some fish, chix, beef entrees, all prepared in quality fashion. I would like to see it lean a little more towards Irish fare. Their Corned Beef is the basic "red" and not traditional Gray. But you can't be all things to all people and overall, its a very nice place.

    1. I have eaten there a few times. At lunch there is a substantial 30-40 something business crowd. The menu is varied and somewhat refined. White table clothes and cloth napkins, decent wine list. The prices are reasonable - between 10-20 dollars for lunch.

      There is a small terrace for outside dining when the weather is nice. They also have a bar at the entrance, which I have not tried.In my opinion this place is pretty good. I wouldn't hesitate to have a business lunch there or to go for a quiet meal with friends. I have never seen any children there.

      1. It's the best place to go in or around Billerica. It has turned into a crowded place to be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Get there early if you want to sit (by 8:00). Most bands don't play as much Irish music as they could/should. Occasionally they have entertainment there that does 80 - 90% Irish music, but most of them play less than 50%. Definitely try...just don't sit in my seat!