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Aug 10, 2001 03:11 PM

Good Seafood in Allston-Brighton or Brookline

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Can anyone recommend a good seafood restaurant in the Allston-Brighton or Brookline area ?

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  1. Best seafood in the area, where I have lived for 19 years, is Village Fish, on Harvard Ave in Brookline Village. Very down to earth preparations, mesquite grilled, broiled, or sauteed, as well as some italian pastas, like seafood fra diavolo, or linguini with little necks. They were started by people who used to work at the Daily Catch in the North End years ago, but in my opinion, have long ago transcended that.The best item on the menu is the marinated swordfish pieces. My boyfriend swears by the grilled bluefish. My father, a confirmed scrod kind of guy, saw the light when he had a grilled tuna salad(a special, not always on the menu...but when they DO have it, their way with tuna is second only to East Coast Grill...They'll do it black and blue...) Do I sound biased? I can't say enough about this place; it's about 2 blocks away from me, and I eat there almost once a week....I rate it above Skipjack's, and I much prefer it to Legal, because they don't change their menu every few months, and have great basic seafood. OOOh, and the Sicilian Mussel app., w/garlic and wine, is enough for a meal. Raw bar too!

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      Oh yeah, and i forgot, generous portions,too....