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Aug 8, 2001 05:58 PM

Jacob Wirths..or suggestions for the parents

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A few weeks ago, there were some very favorable comments about Jacob Wirths...anyone else been? My parents are visiting for 1 night...mid 70s..ex New Yorkers..fairly adventurous eaters..but sometimes looking for something more straightforward...I've taken them to Chinatown for dim sum or seafood...and to Bibas or #9 they're taste runs the gamut..we went to Capital Grill and they hated it til I got us a quiet table away from the crowd...Anyone have any creative ideas? It's sort of a fun job for me because i won't know what they'll be in the mood for til they get here so I like to have a few options to offer..1 year I had plans to go to Bibas..and my father just wanted a corned beef sandwich..:)They are visiting after 2 weeks in they may want something very simple.We're in downtown and would prefer to stay relatively nearby. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Win (Boston)

    I have enjoyed Jake Wirths for more than forty years and following the favorable comments a few weeks ago, I ventured in for lunch.

    I want to go back a few times before I recommend it to a visitor. For me, Jakes carries a backlog of pleasant memories and the agony of steady decline.

    My lunch was good, hopeful for a re-birth. But, I'm not sure its there just yet.

    Your other ideas show careful selection and I think you should stick with them. If your dad insists on a corned beef sandwich downtown, try Eclipse on Province Street. (I'm not certain that Eclipse has corned beef sandwiches, but it sure has similar options, as well as more exciting items. And, they sure do have a passable corned beef sandwich in their deli downstairs if Dad is not persuaded by the upstairs Eclipse menu.)

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      The deli downstairs from Eclipse is for lunch the next day..Sam LaLgrassas...great corned beef and pastrami.

    2. I work up the street and have been hooked on their food for a long time, I have noticed nothing but an increase in the quality of food. over the past year. The atmosphere is as great as ever. I would highly recommend the specials.