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Aug 7, 2001 12:00 PM

future inlaws meeting for first time

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At the end of the month my parents are meeting my future in-laws for the first time and I can't decide where we should go. I am looking for a place with good food (obviously, plus inlaws are interested in good food) but with a menu that my dad (a lover of very plain food) won't feel intimidated by. Perhaps the most important element is the atmosphere--we want a place that is nice and calm where we won't feel hurried and is fairly quiet. Other complications are that my fiance and I do not eat meat (fish okay), so I am a bit wary of the steakhouse option.

I am thinking Hammersley's as a good possible option, but I have been there many times and wouldn't mind trying a new place.

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  1. Hammersleys is always a good choice, you feel as if you own the table for the night and the food is always great. I am not sure how appealing that would be for your Dad with his plain eating habits. Have you considered going outside the city? I like the Lyceum in Salem, it is really only twentyfive minutes north of the city. The food and atmosphere are great and the prices are half that of Boston.
    On the flip side of the city Tosca in Hingham is a very pretty spot with good food and a fairly varied menu. The city is too hot and too empty this time of year anyway. Good luck

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      I second that suggestion for the Lyceum in Salem. Definately a good choice for the "in-law" set!

    2. I have always felt rushed at Hammersley's... this wouldn't be my first choice. Because it's summer and the city is empty I would select a place that is typically hard to get into. Rialto would be nice, and has good fish options. Olives might be too complex for Dad, but that's a good choice too. Above all, relax and enjoy! Parents smell fear.

      1. Grill 23

        Cafe Louis

        1. What about Sel de la Terre? I think it's a very pretty and comfortable room, every place has that basic chicken dish for the unadventurous, enough fish for you guys, you won't break the bank and you won't feel rushed. Plus you get to try a new place. And Icarus in the south end is a very nice dining room too altho I haven't eaten there in a long time. Things are VERY slow right now it seems, so you might want to call one of the "biggies" if you feel like spending the $$$. There were about three tables eating at the Federalist when I was at their bar at 7:30 on a Fri. a month or so ago.

          1. I would suggest "Harvest" in Harvard Sq. The menu has many veggie options and "Dad" can have a steak (from Grill 23) as well. It's a comfortable room that's not too loud or too fancy. I think it should make a good impression.