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Aug 6, 2001 05:41 PM

Three pizza reviews

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Rossini Pizzeria and Trattoria
Boston, South End

Italian style
Dough style thin, soft and leathery, giving to the teeth in a most pleasant way, with juicy cheese and sauce. Well-balanced saltiness and excellent overall flavor. Get a whole pie if you can, to avoid getting a cold slice. Rossini's slices degrade when reheated, especially as it forms a hard crust when reheated to much. Diverse neighborhood clientele and police officers double-parked. Only a couple of seats. Delivers to downtown boston. A+

Pizzeria Regina
Boston, North End

Italian style
Atmosphere is key in this 1950s North End pizzeria. Great place to bring someone young. Eat in or take out a whole pie. These thin-crust pizzas are served very hot. Well-balanced saltiness and very good flavor overall, these sliced lend themselves to being cut by fork and knife rather than picked up. Their sauce and cheese will characteristically roll like molten lava onto surrounding surfaces when cut. This pizza can make a Manhattanite jealous, although pizza the likes of what Regina's Harvard Square branch served fifteen years ago is not to be found in the same form at the North End location. Toppings are very good. Clientele is not local. A

Cafe Avventura
Cambridge, Harvard Square

Italian style
Eighties era teen hangout in The Garage, renovated more recently, serves up pizza with a thin bottom crust and notably fat crust edge, with mainstream pop playing above the din. Slices always seem to be warm, though on rare occasion a colder slice will be served (quality drops off when cold). Occasionally there are large air pockets causing cheeseless domes of browned crust. Sauce has hints of tomato paste sweetness, and bottom crust tends towards leathery-thin but doesn't give the pleasant tearing of Italian style pizzas. The flavor is well-balanced and holds its own, but overall could be more intensely flavored and slightly less sweet for a more lasting impression. Tables and chairs although stools and counter are now unfortunately gone. A-

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  1. I've been to Cafe Avventura and I love it. I've never had a bad slice there and something about the overall taste of the pizza there makes my stomach start to growl! I've only ever had Pizzeria Regina in the Food Court of the South Shore Plaza and honestly, it just never impressed me. A good place for bar room type pizza is the Linwood Cafe in Randolph. Basically, it's a dive, but some places you go for the food, not for the atmosphere, right? Right! On a totally different note, I was introduced to this site yesterday and I'm already hooked. See you all at Chowhound!

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      Nobbieluvs pizza

      Try the Pizzeria Regina in the North End.Its the original.They have been in the North End since 1926.

      1. re: Nobbieluvs pizza

        And with minor changes they're still using the same well seasoned brick oven, which is why Regina's only taste like Regina's in the North End.