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Aug 6, 2001 03:43 PM

Where is the best place for steak in Boston?

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Will be in Boston for Labor day weekend. Need some advice on best upscale restaurant for Steak. Capital grille, Grill 23, mortons....where is best? Thanks for the help.

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  1. I've eaten all over, and am a big fan of steak myself! My best recommendation, though it's in faneuil Hall and you'll have to fight crowds, is the Plaza III Kansas City Steakhouse. It's a bit pricey, but has a filet mignon to die for...I've only been there once, but I raved for weeks! Enjoy!

    1. In my opinion, Mortons has the best beef in the city..consistent and always fabulous. That being said, I think the atmosphere at a few of the othere places are far nicer..Grill 23 is loud and fun..beautiful room..Oak Room is elegant..Capital Grill is nice also..Palm , unfortunately is inconsistent. Maybe a drink at Grill 23..steak at Mortons..and after dinner drinks at Oak Room. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

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        Just ate at the Palm last weekend, Capitol Grill in Chestnut Hill a few weeks ago and Grill 23 a few months ago. They all have their good points. CG is a nicer more mellow room I think, Grill 23 is a jumping place and I wasn't into the Palm's room too much, at least the section we sat in. But they have a $95 for 2 special in the summer that includes caesar salad, a 3 pound lobster split in half (and cracked) for you, a strip steak or fillet split plus sides of green beans and onion strings/homemade potato chips, topped off by cheesecake. It was really good. The Oak Room is probably the most formal of these four.

        1. re: David

          The meat used at Morton's is great.

          From there it's downhill. Way downhill.

          If you are a man who likes a nice gold necklace
          dangling in your abundantly visible chest hair
          or you travel in a cologned drenched sales-pack
          then go nuts, this is the place for you. You can
          sit down next to a loud crowd of your peers and
          tuck into a giant tender tasty steak that's been
          *ruined* by oversalting with salty "seasoning" salt
          and served up with vegetables like you haven't seen
          since Ozzie and Harriet ruled the dinner table.
          (and Capitol Grill, in my experience, offers
          equally unappealing sides.)

          I said "served up with". Actually, the accompanying
          dishes are all a la carte; the $50 is just for the
          steak itself, though its ruination is thrown in.

          Now, don't get me wrong: I like salt, I use it
          copiously. And I like my vegetables cooked all the
          way: crunchy green beans leave me cold. No, what
          I'm talking about at Morton's is overcooked, soggy,
          greasy fried, let get cold, reheated, smothered in
          cream sauce, heat-lamp overcooked vegetables. And
          did I mention salty? Just in case: salty.

          The wine list is all glitz, phenomenally high priced,
          huge, unsubtle red grape juices.

          my opinion is based on a single trip to the Boston
          Morton's. Did I just catch it on a bad day? They
          had the formula down so pat I can't believe it
          would vary.

          What steak do I like? I used to like it at the Blue
          Room... way back before those Hammersleys folks
          took it over, they had a steak-for-two that came in
          the center of a giant platter of roasted vegetables
          (you see? way-cooked with being overcooked) and it
          was just phenomenal.

          Given my tastes, when I see steak on a menu it tends
          to be in a more euro or shishi place where there's
          a depressing trend to serve a nicely grilled steak in
          a puddle of something or, worse, a puddle of
          something sweet.

          Steak is just so damn easy to cook at home (grill!)
          it's not like it's hard to get. You have to find
          a high end butcher to guarantee good meat, though.

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            Supersnob..I think you're new to the list?? If so, welcome. Just want to let you know that you are responding to an old post of mine..August 2001..I provided a link to it in response to a recent question about steaks. When you respond to a post, it will show up on "hotposts" as a new post..but on the "boston list" it will appear directly beneath the post you are responding this case, back in August. People that don't read "hotposts" will probably not see it because it will be so far down on the board. If you reply to a current post, more people will see it. Again, welcome.

        2. I would have to say hands down the Oak room for a great, traditional steak.

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          1. re: Amanda

            The Oak Room has great atmosphere, but for the best steak, I would have to say Morton's.

            However, guess where I had the best steak EVER in Boston? (And I've been to all the steak houses)

            The best steak I ever had in Boston was at Jasper White's old restaurant on Commercial Street about 7 or 8 years ago. It was a peppered dry-aged grilled sirloin....and it was simply the best steak I ever had.

            1. re: nechef

              Maybe you could get the steak to go from Mortons and take it to the Oak Room...:)

              1. re: David
                Win (Boston)

                That would be a GREAT plan!

                I love the Oak Room, but Morton's has no peer for the steak.

            2. re: Amanda

              The Oak Room is having a 3 course pre-theater special which is how I took advantage of that place the one time I went. Can't remember how much it is, it's listed in the Improper.