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Aug 4, 2001 09:00 AM

has anyone tried ZUZU?

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it's a new spot on mass.ave right next to middle east in central sq. the menu looks really good. any reports would be appreciated.

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  1. As a matter of fact, I have tried it--sort of. Went in w/a bunch of friends. As you mentioned, it looks kinda cool and hip. The menu seems pretty good. Well, to be quite honest, I was dissapointed. The waitstaff was lovely. The people were really very nice, very informative, and accomodating. The decor, while it looks cool, the lighting and yellow walls tends to cast a sallow color on the diners. Not an attractive "date" place, in that sense--makes no one look good. We just ordered aps and drinks. We had the hummous, the baba ganoush, the tabouleh, and the stuffed grape leaves. They give a generous amount of standard pita to accompany. The hummous was probably the best out of the bunch, but it wasn't great. I have had far better at so many other places. It lacked zing and zest. The baba, I don't remember anything about it, so it was probably completely non-descript. The tabouleh was pitiful--not bad, but pitiful. It was all parsley--way way way too much parsley, hardley any bulgar, or tomatoes or lemon juice. And you know, I just don't love the taste and texture of parsley for it to be so incredibly dominant. The grape leaves (we opted for vegetarian) were really....dinky. Hardly any stuffing, and completely, utterly mediocre. The prices are really pretty low, which is good. But, to be quite honest, I wouldn't go back. There are plenty of Middle Eastern places to get that stuff where the flavors are just, well, better. I'm interested in trying Tangiers, in Charlestown, though.