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Aug 3, 2001 02:57 PM

new Chinatown restaurants?

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Just visited my personal fav. in Chinatown--Jumbo. Was good as usual (my faves are the jumbo rolls--tofu wrapped in rice paper, fried; excellent pea pod stems, really good fried noodles with veggies and shrimp; GREAT spicy fired calamari). But anyway, I noticed a few new palces and wanted to get the scoop about them from those who have tried them.

1. Yo Tuen Hing (?). I know that people were very excited when this was reopening. Have people been back? I noticed a strange absinse of bean curd dishes on this menu. Any info about this?

2. Yan's best (or something like this). This is where the old Chau Chau was (my old favorite restaurant). Looks like they really have renovated the dingy old space. Anyone tried it?

3. Can't remember the name, Seafood something, but is where the old Golden Palace was. I read a Phoenix review which was positive, but have any chowhounds visited?

Thanks for the tips!

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  1. Well, I am going to answer my own post because I visited Yan's Best Place restaurant last night. It was really good. Had the eggplant hot pot--very good, soft eggplant and lots of other very good vegetables--spicy salted fried bean curd--good, a little strange, but delicious and unusual, very moist silken tofu with some kind of coating with peppery, cilantro-y spices--pea pod stems with crab--these were delicious, generous portion, not overwhelmed by the crab, crab was in a very good and subtle sauce. My two dining companions (one chowhound, one person who is generally indifferent) both gave it the big thumbs up as well.

    Very friendly service too.

    1. HYT: Not bad. Inexpensive.
      Big Fish Farm: Not bad. Expensive.