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Aug 3, 2001 11:21 AM

Fresh Fish

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We do you chowhounds go for fresh fish. My wife and I have tried Fresh Pond seafood in Cambridge and have had mixed results. One day the Halibut looked like it had been there for a week. Something in the Cambridge/Somerville are would be best. Bonus points for Mahi Mahi and Artic Char

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  1. I find that Bread & Circus is consistently good. The Fish Monger on Huron Ave in Cambridge and Captain Marden(sp?)in West Newton have very good reputations. There's also Courthouse Seafood in East Cambridge.

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    1. re: Andy T.
      Win (Boston)

      All B&C have excellent seafood. The Capt Mardens in W Newton is closed, but their Wellesley store on Linden St is open.

    2. I second Courthouse seafood! On Cambridge Street near the courthouse (of course).

      1. We've always liked the Village Fish over in Brookline Village, they have a raw bar as well as a fish market and superb dining:) There's also the Daily Catch on Harvard St, Brookline/Allston, and I believe there's also one on Mass Ave in Arlington Center...

        Then there's Ruggeiri's Home of the Happy Haddock over in Medford on the Fellsway...