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r. wesley's bistro

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I'm so curious about this place, and I don't know anyone who's ever been there. Anyone ever have a meal at R. Wesley's?

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  1. I haven't been there yet myself but I have had several friends that have gone and loved it!!!

    1. Having no idea what to expect my girlfriend and I walked in one night. It's a rather small place but once in the door everyone looked at us with a smile. I personally was expecting a mom and pops restaurant with a mom and pops prices. We were a little under dressed compared to everyone else. When the menue came and the prices were shown I almost fainted. We didn't want to get up and leave because it was such a small place everyone would notice us and the fact that I was cheap. So we stayed and ate...to be cont'd.

      1. I was there a while back...was good...huge portions.

        1. So, does anyone want to tell other Chowhounders where this bistro is located?

          1. Like Sam I am ,Where in the xxx is this restaurant???

            1. R.Wesley's is located in Sullivan Square in Charlestown where the rotary meets Washington Street.

              1. It used to be in Charlestown but has moved to sWellesley. I understand the food is great, but haven't been myself. I'm waiting for JoJo's review!

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                  Actually, it's still right on the Charlestown/Somerville line. Drove by the other night and people were going in and coming out.

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                    r wesley's is in Charleston..r place is in Waltham and Wellesley.. I don't think there is a connection between them.

                2. I've had the pleasure of working with Wesley on numerous occassions, the food is dynamite. He also does catering and picks up tons of new patrons as a result.

                  1. This small place at the corner of Washington St and Sullivan Sq. Somerville on the Charlestown line is the best hidden jewel. The menu changes monthly. The prime rib can feed a small third world nation. The mixed field greens salad with maple balsamic dressing is to die for. There is a $5.00 charge to split dinners and there is no doubt in my mind 2 can eat the meals and still have plenty left over. The absolute best food ever.