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Aug 1, 2001 05:00 PM

Seasoned Burgers

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Went to O'Sullys and Bartley's.. but was disappointed. The burgers were very greasy and just plain meat-tasting... anyone have any suggestions for a marinated/seasoned burger in the Boston area???


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  1. Good ground beef burgers should not need seasoning,
    save salt of black pepper.

    1. I totally agree about O'Sullivan's burgers being too greasy. The fries were sopped in it. Haven't been to Bartley's in years. But as has been mentioned in the other burger threads, try Miracle of Science. Great quality meat that doesn't need seasoning. And Bukowski's has a decent burger too.

      1. I cannot beleive you didn't like the burger at O'Sully's! I have NEVER been disapointed there and have never gotten a "greasy" (more greasy than a burger should be) burger..... that is too bad...