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Jul 31, 2001 09:15 PM

boston harbor hotel

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Looking for recommendations for a restaurant in the BHH area. Will be casual with 2 children. Cost is not an issue.


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  1. go to the very very close by>walking distance north end>italian, I recommend pomodoro, go to modern pastry down the block for dessert. they're both on hanover st. enjoy! little bit more upscale around the corner is terra mia for italian dinner fyi

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      Quincy Market is not too far away. I was recently at the Kingfish Hall restaurant (Todd English's newest venture) and enjoyed it immensely. Great seafood, casual atmosphere, etc.

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        Saracina (286 Hanover Street) is my favorite in the north end. The food is good, the staff is friendly and they take reservations. THe kids will love the menu (it's a big scroll). I'm getting hungry thinking about it!

    2. My old stomping grounds! First let me say that if you are staying the The Boston Harbor Hotel, you have one of the best concierge staffs in the city there so use them!
      You are close to The Vault and Sel de la Terre and both are excellent choices.

      1. Isn't that restaurant Margo's actually in the hotel? It's gotten great reviews altho I haven't tried it. I second Sel de la Terre and Kingfish Hall.

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          Win (Boston)

          Margo Bistro is in the Harborside Inn on State Street, not far from the Boston Harbor Hotel.

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            I confuse the Boston Harbor and Harborside hotels every time. Hopefully someone will check out Margo tho.