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Jul 31, 2001 02:32 PM

asian grocery near arlington

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I just moved here from Chicago and am looking for a good Asian grocery store. I would prefer one close to Arlington but would be willing to travel a bit for a more comprehensive store. Thanks in advance for your input.


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  1. The largest Asian supermarket (and I do mean supermarket; it's as big as the Stop N Shop next door) in the Boston area is Super 88; there's one in the South Bay Shopping Center on the Dorchester/Roxbury/South Boston border, maybe a 15 minute drive from Arlington down Mass Ave. There's also a smaller branch on the outskirts of Chinatown.

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    1. re: Seth Ditchik

      Uh, Seth, I know this is off-topic, but when was the last time you drove down Mass Ave from Arlington to Dorchester in 15 minutes? What with the lights and the traffic, it takes me that long to get as far as North Cambridge. Even in the middle of the night, Dorchester must be at least a 30-minute trip.

    2. there is an indian grocery store right in arlington center on mass ave. it's close to punjab restaurant which is across the street.

      1. The closest comprehensive Asian market to Arlington (that I know of, anyway) is the Reliable Market in Union Square, Somerville. It's a bit like a clown car -- small on the outside, but the contents are surprising.

        They have an entire room devoted to noodles and soy sauces. They have a fish market with nice sushi-grade fish, a butcher shop, a small produce section, and huge volume of dry goods, kitchen/tableware, and frozen stuff. They might even sell you a case of "cold tea" on Sunday.

        To get there, take Mass. Ave. inbound to Porter Square, then take the left side of the fork in front of the T station, and follow Somerville Ave. all the way into Union Square. You'll see the Reliable in front of you one block after you pass the DeMoula's Market Basket (this supermarket, by the way, is the best place in town for a huge variety of low price, high quality, produce, and it's especially good for latin stuff and portugese/brazilian goodies -- their cashiers move like lightning -- don't let the long lines and full carts put you off -- the longest lines are quicker than Star's express lane).

        There's also a small Indian market in Union Square, some tiny Latin grocery stores, phenomenal fresh pasta, Italian olives and deli/cheese at Capone Foods, and a nice variety of good restaurants (WuChon House for Korean, the Neighborhood Bakery for Sunday brunch, India Palace, the Union Square Bistro, etc.)

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        1. re: Gabe Handel

          I do agree that Reliable is the most comprehensive of the lot. It is a Korean/Japanese market. The Kotobukiya market in the Porter Exchange building and the Yoshinoya in Central Square on Prospect Street are also pretty good Japanese markets and perhaps a bit closer to Arlington. But closest to Arlington are Korean markets on Mass Ave between Alewife Parkway and Porter Sq (near the Greek Corner restaurant) and one at Fresh Pond circle next to the fishmonger and video store. For chinese/vietnamese groceries, you're better off in Chinatown, or Dorchester/South Boston as someone previously mentioned.

          1. re: Eric Eto

            I adore the Korean Market (I think it's called New York Deli, or something like that) at Fresh Pond. They have THE most wonderful selection of home-made namul, or korean side dishes, I've ever seen....and a small selection of Asian groceries, but it's definitely NOT a destination spot as far as groceries are concerned...They didn't even have rice paper wrappers when i was in there...But oh, the squid and cabbage with chili pepper!!!!!