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Jul 27, 2001 10:41 AM

Provincetown Options

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I know there are some comments below reagrding some of these places but I am looking for additional input.

Any thoughts on these or others for dinner this weekend?

- Clem and Ursie'e

- Dancing Lobster

- Cafe Edwige

- Napi's??

- Lobster Pot


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  1. I ate at the Dancing Lobster a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it..also the Lobster Pot..LP gets long waits but the quality of the fish was high..also try the raw bar at the front of the restaurant.

    1. I highly recommend Edwige for breakfast -- lines on weekends, but that's pretty typical everywhere. They have a great fish and eggs breakfast special that is one of the most delicious ways I have ever started my day.

      Martin House wasn't on your list, but really worth the bucks -- nice leisurely pace, knowledgeable and unobtrusive waitstaff, and an interesting menu of creative and unusual combinations of things that actually work!

      Avoid 11 Carver Street -- smells like pee, and the waitstaff are condescending and overly-involved in your dining experience.

      Clem and Ursie's is always great -- can't say anything bad about 'em.

      For great traditional Portugese fish, try the somewhat touristy place on Commercial St. (The Mayflower?)right in the middle of all the tacky t-shirt shops.

      Have fun!

      1. LOVE Clem & Ursie's - fabulous!

        The Lobster Pot is good and makes a very good steak for those not enamored with seafood in your group - always a crowd pleaser.

        Cafe Edwidge, I think, is good but really overpriced (very common here...) for breakfast. I didn't get there myself but my friend, who has a shop there (Makes Light Work - a glass shop), says that Tips for Tops'un is where the locals go for breakfast (and for good Portugese chow in less trendy setting).

        The best lobster was (and almost always is when I go to P-town) definitely Clem & Ursie's especially since you can get culls - lobsters with only one claw -cheaper (so you can get a much bigger lobster for less...) - but it is a divey joint. The Lobster Pot is a 'nice place' with water views though still fairly informal.

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          went to C and E for the first time since their bbq place on Commercial St..really enjoyed it...clam pie was great..also bought some scallops in their fish market...sushid and ceviched them.

        2. Clem & Ursie's is good - perfect for lunch/casual dinner - but if you want a sit-down meal, give The Dancing Lobster a try.