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Jul 24, 2001 12:22 PM

moderately priced in the N. End?

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Can anyone suggest any good moderately priced (eg entrees from $12-17 or so) restaurants in the North End? I know the area well but can't think of anything. If possible, I'd like to avoid a typical red sauce place.



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  1. Try Giacomo's on Hanover street. The food is a step above traditional red sauce and the prices are more reasonable than it's sister restaurant in the South End.

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      I agree with the Giacomo's recommendation. Try their seafood with fra diavolo or Giacomo sauce...the shrimp and scallop combo is especially nice in the summer. This place gets my vote for best food in the North End, regardless of price, plus Mike's is right across the street for a little cannoli and espresso before heading home.

    2. Try "Artu". It's inexpensive and the food is great.