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Jul 22, 2001 05:22 PM

Portuguese Restaurants in Cambridge

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Okay chowhounds, I know there are about 6 Portuguese Restaurants around Inman Sq.....Which one is the best? Extra credit for great octopus!!!!

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  1. Atasca has a wonderful octopus salad appetizer. Slightly charred octopus is the base of the salad. Very few vegetables to get in the way! Perfect tenderness to the octopus. A pleasure to eat. (Note: I have only been to the Atasca which is near the Blue Room - I have heard that this one is slightly better than the other branch, which I have yeat to visit.) They also have lots of fun and low-priced Portuguese wines to try. A chef and staff that LOVE when you enjoy their great food. Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement but Atasca is one of my favorite places in the area. I was in Portugal in May and this is the closest I've found to the cuisine I had there. (Note: Another dish reminiscent of Portugal, and which it sounds as though you might like, is the grilled calamari appetizer at Franklin Cafe. Outstanding!)

    Atasca's little sibling, O Cantinho, cheaper and more informal than Atasca, also has a wonderful Octopus dish, although it is a meal that might best be enjoyed when the temperature is a bit cooler. A rich red-wine based stew baked in a clay pot loaded with perfectly tender chunks of delicious octopus. Amazingly, it's only 4.95. Delicious. Highly recommended.

    I haven't tried Casa Portugal or Sunset yet, but I do intend to. I have heard mixed reviews.

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      Hot weather, hell, I'm over at O Cantinho this weeek for the braised octopus--it sounds like my favorite from O'Fado in Peabody...I actually cruised down Cambridge St today, and was wondering about Sunset Grill. I was at Casa Portugal YEARS ago, and liked the caldierada, but it was the first time I had ever had Portuguese food, so hard to tell...One of my friends said it was very home-style(he was Portuguese), with eggs and stuff...And all those potatos...But, that was a long time ago, before I got addicted to polvo and grilled octopus...How expensive is Atasca? Summer is the lean time for freelancers!