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Jul 21, 2001 03:07 PM

Best Martini's???

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Chowhounds, where can I get a great martini in Boston?

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  1. lot of good ones..Oak Bar at the Copley Plaza...Four Seasons...Capital Grill...Grill 23...Brasserie Jo and 9 Park makes them in little individual shakers ...that's what comes to mind right off

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    1. re: david9

      Would definately second the No. 9 and Oak room suggestions. Casablanca in Harvard Sq. also makes a great martini, I also throughly enjoy the ones @ Vox. Oh, would also second the Bristol Lounge. Actually, Jae's also makes a great cosmo....

      1. re: Reya

        The Oak Bar has martinis the size of birdbaths, they are expensive (About $14.00)but the sheer volume makes up for the cost

    2. There are a lot of good places -- No. 9 Park, Federalist, Oak Bar, and Abe and Louie's are some to check out.