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Jul 20, 2001 03:23 AM

Good chow in Gloucester???

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I'm always looking for a casual place w good food at moderate prices in Gloucester. So far, I've found places that are either excellent but VERY pricey or terrible at moderate prices. Any ideas???

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  1. Cafe L'Amante is very cute with attentive service and good food. I like the fact that it is a Mom & Pop establishment

    1. Have you tried the Franklin Cafe Cape Ann on Main Street? It's great, serves late (until 12 a.m.) and has many of the favorites found at the original Franklin Cafe in the South End.

      1. Its funny that the 2 resturants named so far were the very 2 restaurants named when I asked a friend (who lives in Gloucester) about this today.

        1. i liked the portugese place down by the beach area-- but just for quickie seafood, lobster rolls, and fries. not much of a real restaurant.

          also a pasticerria on main...sicilian, paul & anna's or something like that. good cannoli.

          1. With chowhound help I found the perfect place last Friday night. L'Amante in Gloucester. See my post on the New England board. Was the best restaurant experience I've had in months...and I eat out a LOT! Can't wait to go back.