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Jul 19, 2001 06:22 PM

Hot Dogs

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Where are the great Boston Hot Dogs to be found? Also, are there any places famous for hand cut / fresh cut, twice fried french fries?

Holly Moore


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  1. I love the hot dogs at Kelly's on Revere Beach.

    1. Simco's is in Mattapan on Blue Hill Ave, right next to a railroad bridge. I don't know if they're "Boston" hot dogs, but one of my friends is really into them.

      But there is nothing like a Fenway Frank. I hope they're still the way they were ten years ago...

      1. Try Boston Speed Dogs. It is a lunch wagon located in Newmarket Square. You get an individually prepared 1/2 pound kosher dog served with seven different homemade sauces. Great experience.

        Also try Joe & Nemo's, an institution from the thirties through fifties, which has just reopenned on Cambridge St. in Government Center.

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          Forgot to mention, Boston Speed Dogs is open only for lunch, Tuesday - Friday, and sometimes he is not there.