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Jul 19, 2001 03:17 PM

Vox Populi

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Any suggestions regarding this place??? I've heard mixed review especially on how snooty this place is. Is there any truth to this?

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  1. I didn't find it snooty, but I did think it was overpriced, and the presentation wasn't so great.
    Basically a "nice" place to take a date if you're 20-something and don't mind an extremely loud atmosphere. Personally, I think there are better choices around Copley.

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      I second Alan's report. I've eaten here twice and was both times disappointed. It's not terrible, but for the price, it should be much, much better. However, if you're looking for an upmarket, trendy bar scene, this is the place.

    2. I ate there once and have had drinks twice and noticed no snootiness. We had the bartender who gets written up all the time in Stuff@Nite and Improper (Cara maybe?) and she's as great as they say. We ate in the upstairs bar area cuz we didn't want to be in the quiet dining room. You definitely won't have to deal with the crazy crowd in that room, which is very pleasant. Our food was very good, got venison and some fish dish that we both enjoyed. It's a fun, decent place.

      1. I enjoy the food there very much. I like that the food is the priority over the presentation. The portions are good and the choices are uncomplicated. The bar scene does seem to overwhelm the restaurant side at times but I feel the dining room gets a bad rap because of the trendiness of the bar.

        1. I think you definitely should try it. The bar scene can overwhelm the dining experience, but that's the primary draw for Vox. I have never found it snooty at all. I've never been disappoinnted in the food. Their seafood has always been top notch and they also make a GREAT burger. Tip: it's not on the menu, but if you order a "basket of chips", for about $3.00 they will bring a basket of their home-made potato chips. They are addictive!!!